Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Back to NYC part 2

   No trip to New York is complete without visiting Grand Central Station. It's like no other train station that I have ever been to. One of the reasons for that is that half of the people that are there, have no intention of boarding a train. They are there, like me, for another reason...to take pictures of the station itself and the busy traffic of people going in all directions.

35mm 1/30s, f/4, ISO 1250
Carrying a small tripod has advantages, but here I found it difficult to use because it is so short, the only way was to lay on the floor. Which turned out to be a sight for most people in the station, some guy rolling around on the floor trying to take pictures..

35mm 1/100s, f/4, ISO 2000
This is where the Fuji x100s excels - Shooting with shutter speed under 1/30s , where most DSLRs will have a hard time.

35mm 1/8s, f/5,6, ISO 1250
  When you go outside you see buildings everywhere. Grand Central Stations is surrounded by all kinds of glass and concrete facades. I am glad it's still there, unlike the sad fate that befell the old Penn Station...

35mm 1/100s, f/5.6, ISO 640

To be continued....

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