Sunday, September 29, 2013

Looking for treasure - Part 1

            As promised in my last post, this week I went in search of Sofia's forgotten architectural treasures. I started at Macedonia square and immediately found something interesting.

1/60s  f/4 at ISO640

               I am fascinated by old doors, and I like taking pictures of them wherever I go. There is always something beautiful and different in every one of them. This one has the Cyrillic letters "Г"(G) and "Х"(H) in the bars protecting the windows, meaning that those were the initials of the person for whom this house was built in the beginning of the 20th century.

1/80s  f/5.6 at ISO400
            I like passing by this house a lot, but sadly it has received some new additions with time. A concrete balcony and a satellite dish...Leading me to concentrate more on the street number than the house itself.

1/125s  f/4 at ISO400
            On the other side of the street I found this one peaking through the curtain of leaves.

1/160s  f/5.6 at ISO400
            Further down the street I saw this old beauty, and I just fell in love with the attic window and its wooden decorations. It was difficult to find a good point of view because of the fence in front of the house, luckily the Fuji x100s has a small lens...

1/60s  f/4 at ISO400
                                In front of another entrance - the letters "В"(V) and "Ч"(CH).

1/60s  f/4 at ISO640
1/80s  f/5.6 at ISO400
           Solunska str. has many beautiful buildings, but I think that these columns are it's most well kept secret. If you are just walking on the street without looking up you will never see it. I can't remember how many times in  I've crossed this street in my life, and I think I saw those columns only 4-5 years ago.

1/30s  f/2.8 at ISO1000
            I found another interesting door and while I was taking this picture, an old guy came out of the building and asked me if I wanted to buy the house! "1000 leva (500Euro) deposit and we can talk about sale" he said. I replied that I would absolutely love to buy it and restore it, but sadly I am missing a few millions to invest in it...

1/60s  f/1.8 at ISO1000
1/60s  f/4 at ISO1250
          This workshop was in the basement of the building, quiet 50's music and a soft warm light was coming out of the small window at street level.

1/125s  f/4 at ISO800
1/125s  f/4 at ISO640
         Squeezed by two socialist style apartment blocks and surrounded by glass, steel and a bunch of shops, it's  unclear how long this house is going to last...

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