Sunday, September 1, 2013

A difficult choice

           I heard about the Olympus OM-D EM 5 and I looked into that, but it's a bit too bulky and pretty close to a DSLR's size. What I was looking for was something lighter and as close as possible to the quallity and abillities of my old Nikon D700.

             Even though I started with a Nikon N8008, followed by the Nikon N90s which is still my favourite camera body. My entry into the DSLR world came in the shape of a D40 which was a great camera for its price and size at the time. Later I bought a D300, followed by the D700. So you can say that I am a Nikon guy, and Nikon has their own V1 and J1 systems, but I never warmed up to them when they first came out, and that hasn't changed now. Which lead me to the conclusion that I had to look at a different camera manufacturer, which is a big step for any photographer due to many reasons. So where to next?


             I have some old film cameras, and the feel of the controls is incredible, you feel at one with the camera, every single rotation of a knob and the click of it falling in place...So was there something that could evoke that feeling combined with the benefits and quality of a digital camera? Turns out there was....

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